Their live debut was at the Pudsey Hudson Youth Club, and they made their vinyl debut in May with the aforementioned ‘Liddle Towers’, which was described by Melody Maker as “Thug Rock, clumsily played and clumsily conceived”. Never ‘Ad Nothing CD, Sometimes I feel as if I’m pissing against the wind. UK LP Anagram: Archived from the original on 30 April Views Read Edit View history.

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Some are very personal, others are not. Retrieved from ” https: This diwcography a story about Paul Howe, an 18 year old, who held a man hostage in the Castle pub Essex. Right, let’s get off and let’s do it!

Angelic Upstarts Discography – UK – 45cat

Guinness World Records Limited. Flyers for US shows between and Woman In Disguise Oi! Five CD clam shell box set featuring 76 tracks of hardcore punk legends Upstsrts recordings for the Rough Justice label between and In they released a split album with fellow Geordies Crashed Out The Dirty Dozenand in a split single with Canadians The Prowlers, the latter to coincide with their first Canadian shows since Thompson stayed with the Upstarts for two singles.


Apart from John Peel, nobody else played it, and it was actually banned off any sort of play list in the northeast. They courted controversy throughout their whole career. This section needs additional citations for verification. It was the hip thing to throw punks around.

But we sold his drum kit and we smiled”. They hated the fascists, and were especially dissatisfied with the recently elected Thatcher, who more than anyone was responsible for decimating the way of life for millions of working class people.

Angelic Upstarts

All can be clicked to enlarge. Mensi carried on working chiefly as a builderbut the band never really split, they were just far from prolific.

The Murder Of Liddle Towers 7″, Their antics included kicking a pig’s head around the stage, calling for their audiences to batter the fuck out of mods and soul boys, and ensuring that their gigs often ended in a riot or at least a respectable bout of fisticuffs. UK LP Anagram: An authentic punk band. It was promoted by a rather strange promo video, shot in black and white, which almost helped make the anyelic a hit in the proper charts.


Angelic Upstarts – Wikipedia

The next release for the band actually didn’t feature Splodge: Impassioned, screaming vocals with catchy call and reply chorus all built over a raucous punk heavy metal riff.

No ramalama or Oi crazy attack. He was examined by a doctor and was perfectly healthy. Fair play I say. Usptarts will say goodbye to my true fans by doing a couple of local shows.

I will do these shows for a very minimal amount. I’m An Upstart Tape, The band released eight studio albums in their first decade. Greatest Hits Live CD, They despised racists and were extremely focal on this point, but were often accused of this themselves despite no evidence to support such a claim. The band went on to release a number of successful albums and minor hit singles before splitting in