Mel’s wedding day isn’t going according to plan! The Lost Orb is rated 4. This quest requires bouncing back and forth numerous times between Tyobi and Harakauna, and involves a Rooster and a Mouse. How can I get past the fourth level in the Rock-climbing test? Check us out on: A boy thief who helps Mel and later joins the party. This game will not work on your operating system.

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When you give more, the beggar will tell you about a recipe for the Apothecary system.

Aveyond: The Lost Orb

So choosing Yes will set Mel’s level to 30, whether it was higher avveyond lower at the end of GoN. First of all, use the keyboard instead of the mouse for this, and save after each level. The loot will, however, remain the same. The Lost Orb Strategy Guide!

Discuss this game in the forum. For all but Poison Ivy, which has only one level, the maximum is five.

Your Security and Privacy are important to us! Where can I find the Diamond I need for the Alchemist? Important Note While you wait for new releases from Amaranth Games, we do our best to keep you entertained with neat games aveyod other developers. Most ingredients can be found on the ground, or obtained from certain monsters. Vaeyond way, if you get hit, you can reload and not have to start all the way down again.


Later, you can find all five pixies in the Fauna Caves. Unique gameplay Immersive atmosphere Find the lost orb! How can I do the Return the real Golden Frog sidequest?

Aveyond The Lost Orb General Discussions :: Steam Community

How can I open the Rusty Chests? Dulus, the Blacksmith in Tyobi, will fortify some equipment items for you if you have the abeyond materials and enough cash. Highlight for spoilers … – Paying to have his sculptured bust doctored – using an item you can buy – using an item you can make with Apothecary experimentation Lots Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The second requires the first. Wanting nothing to do with her wicked ancestor, Mel must now seek out the orb and destroy it, before someone else with the power to use it discovers its location.

Begin your amazing adventure in Aveyond: How many Attraction points can Spook have? I need help with the Peliad baby trade sidequest. Are you sure you want to purchase it? Thanks for submitting the review below. It is fifth in the series, I just don’t play anything in order. If you like more of a challenge, just play the game through without them, and I’m sure it will be more up your alley.


Aveyond 3-3: The Lost Orb

The Lost Orb, or continue the journey you started in Aveyond: Also, one of the bosses calls in six cohorts to help it, so in that case, there are seven. You have four hours of actual game time to complete the sting, or Gwenalle will die. Just as in previous Aveyond games, Witcheye Root removes the Cursed status.

Mel IS a bit headstrong and stubborn in this one, as long as that kind of character doesn’t annoy you, you should love her same as me: Here’s how you can gain attraction points for the various PCs: Each bird form has its own combat skills.

Which weapons are Charmed, Earth-enhanced, or Mana-enhanced?