Blut Aus Nord is an artistic concept. It works to Blut aus Nord ‘s credit that one of the most standard and “average” albums in their discography would still stand out as excellent by another rubric. I know I really don’t–it’s kind of difficult to get into the message behind the music when the band doesn’t publish any of the lyrics. In addition to rejecting Satanism, BAN have distanced themselves from nationalism – another common black metal theme – instead recognising a kinship with ” environmentalist black metal” groups such as Wolves in the Throne Room. It kind of sucks when albums suffer due to the strength of the artist’s back catalog, but that’s the price you gotta pay for setting the bar so high in the first place. Perhaps it would help to clarify with an example.

blut aus nord odinist

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It could be due to that fact that I got ajs Blut Aus Nord as a straight black metal fan with very occasional forays into industrial music. Though it has its own flavor and retains the professionalism and songwriting cohesion this band always has, even with more of an outward black metal appearance, Odinist still remains firmly within the “industrial era” stylistically.

Despite efforts to convince the world otherwise, Metallica will never recapture the magic of Master of Puppets. The third “phase” is the era, which I haven’t fully sorted out my opinions on yet soon It’s just as secure and no password to remember! Repetition is emphasized in the riffs, but they also effectively bleed into one another.

Blut Aus Nord – Wikipedia

Interestingly, compatriots Deathspell Omega went off the deep end around the same time. Still, I just can’t enjoy Odinistand I’m not entirely sure why.

To activate your account, please confirm your password. It sounds more simple and streamlined than previous BaN efforts. Out of everything that makes up Blut Aus Nord’s “industrial era”, Odinist sounds the most conventionally black metal. While the tangled web of riffs separated themselves from one another through rich melody in the “90s BM” era, in turn masking any songwriting faults, the constantly dreary tone of the industrial era Blut Aus Nord albums doesn’t have that luxury.


blut aus nord odinist

The next three albums were recorded with the aid of session musicians. The Memoria Vetusta series, while still falling within the parameters of the other three phases, has a distinct flavor to its releases that demand a categorization of their own. This week is French bands week at Invisible Oranges. Perhaps oodinist would help to clarify with an example. Unfortunately, as good as the riff is, I didn’t even notice how nice it sounded until maybe the odinidt repetition of it.

blut aus nord odinist

In addition to rejecting Satanism, BAN have distanced themselves from nationalism – another common black metal odnist – instead recognising a kinship with ” environmentalist black metal” groups such as Wolves in the Throne Room. If you were looking for a band that can use dissonance to it’s advantage, welcome to the world of Blut Aus Idinist. Blut Aus Nord’s work has been described as the “sonic equivalent to Thorns injecting Streetcleaner -era Godflesh with an evil unpredictability”.

As an album, I think Odinist nails their grasp of dynamic much better than The Mystical Beast of Rebellionwhich still managed to nail down the atmosphere in spite of falling short in other regards.

Be that as it may, this album is indeed interesting, and provides an interesting listen. It is only recently that the group has had any permanent members apart from Vindsval.

Blut aus Nord – Odinist

In the context of any of their masterpieces, Odinist pales, but taken all together it springs up as a near-perfect blend of what made either end of their spectrum so impressive. Retrieved from ” https: I would expect music that is supposed to be emotionally jarring like this is odinisr be much more abruptly paced, but unfortunately everything on this album is so deliberate that in turn, none of it is surprising.


This band does a great job of incorporating lots of industrial elements, strange sampled sounds, and the guitar sound is very synthesized sounding as well. The project’s most critically acclaimed release is Nors Work Which Transforms God[1] [2] a concept album which, in spite of being mostly instrumental with none of the lyrics made public, is meant to challenge the listener’s prejudices and preconceptions nodr reality and various metaphysical subjects.

blut aus nord odinist

All things considered, this is a very cohesive, complete album with a distinct and unique sound created by a professional, established artist. There’s a more distinct “black metal” feel in this overall the industrial influence has been relegated to the presence it has on Work Which Transforms Godalthough this album still sounds slightly more mechanical than Work does in the riff melodies.

Aside from the dark ambient intro, this album progresses along a steadily meandering course, and the overall speed of the album doesn’t change much.

Blut aus Nord – Odinist

It is finally beginning to die off here on Odinist. With that being said, things are still entering in a complete dissonant world. The only thing riding against it is the presence of far more powerful albums in this band’s discography. Blug time signatures, sporatic drum beats, odd guitar riffs, and an overall creepy atmosphere are the culmination of the release.