For all chart areas, tooltips remain disabled. Previously, the templates were not listed. In an activated view, the default row height equals the height of the first data row. To help you identify the specific differences in releases, the release note includes new features and corrections and modifications for each release. Slice and dice target information from a variety of customer intelligence fields. Customize your final deliverables based upon your ideal buyer persona. This release does not contain new features or functionality.

ccpulse 7.5

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When set to trueobjects added to the workspace are not visible in the Call Center Objects pane after the workspace is saved and reopened. Root-level thresholds still function properly.

This list includes functionality that ccplse no longer supported and the release number of the version in which support was discontinued. This list includes information on when individual items were found and, if applicable, corrected. This view is based on template that was created for Tenant object type. 7.

ccpulse 7.5

There are no restrictions for this release. Previously, you could close your workspace with no prompt to save, thereby losing the changes made to your cells.

In situations where your configuration includes one-person agent groups, consider adding a pseudo Person object to these groups to preserve an environment where operators should not be able to obtain individual agent current state information. When Stat Server initialized statistics in the Persistent Statistic Pool, it generated the following error message: Enjoy greater marketing ROI from cost-effective pricing.


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There is no current design restriction against viewing Agent status. Choose your ideal customer intelligence from our 78 classified fields. Discover Genesys CCPulse 7.

Should pop-up windows with a Configuration Server connection error still appear, however, Genesys recommends that you reload the workspace to synchronize the current configuration.

This second connection runs in the background.

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This default applies even if you save and reopen your workspace; the new groups do not show their members. Visibility of current status for other object types remains unaffected by the setting of this option but is rather controlled by the CurrentStateEnable configuration option.

The statistical values are incremented, and are reflected in the Real Time view as a result of Call Center activity. This ccpu,se describes new features that were introduced in the initial 7. In a view, columns and rows numbers are not associated with a specific statistic in the template.

ccpulse 7.5

To individualize your report titles, create your own report style using the Style Manager. Graph points will be automatically added or deleted if the associated configuration object is actually added to or deleted from the view. This is a generally available release for the Chinese Simplified market. The Discontinued Support section is also a cumulative list with the most recent items at the top of the list.


The formats you can select depend on the statistic’s properties. This section provides the latest information on known issues and recommendations associated with this product. Very responsive and willing to work with me to be sure my list selects were in line with my campaign objectives. Please consult the Deployment Guide first. Membership information based from Configuration Server is limited to static attributes such as Skills. This release introduces dynamic views where you can monitor the membership of a selected agent group in real time.

Customize Customize your final deliverables based upon your ideal buyer persona. Reopening the workspace solves this problem. The ability to show and hide statistics on the Graph View via the setting of thresholds and actions. Previously, the templates were not listed.

The user locale and host where the 7.5 files are placed have a Japanese system and user locale. Users no longer have access to agent-related statistics except current status, which you can disable using the CurrentStateEnable configuration option; for details, see Reporting 7. As such, whenever you close the workspace you receive a prompt asking you to save changes.

ccpulse 7.5