There are four fonts in the family, two versions with standard small caps and two versions with a full lower case set. Copperplate needs to be used properly as does any typeface and it can be beautiful, strong, and solid. A lot of folks hate it, I’m glad you at least showed it in all of it’s glory. An example of Copperplate used with the letterpess technique Some times I love Copperplate Gothic and some times I hate it. Ratatouille trailer capture Copperplate Gothic has long been the signifier of a French culinary experience in a number of Bistros around the world, excluding France. Elite law firm DPW uses it too. It’s a really beautiful and versatile face.

copperplate 33bc font

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The text seems to be the Copperplate Gothic. Co;perplate perhaps, and badly used at times, but in all I consider it a useful little typeface.

copperplate 33bc font

This is where many typefaces simply fall 33bc or require more tweaking than desired. Over the years I have learned to master a few typefaces, knowing at what size, with which letterspacing and with how much leading they will look its best. Copperplate EF Medium Cond. To wear tweed eww. David, wow, I hadn’t actually realized that Brooklyn beer used Copperplate. RUGBY, on the storefront looks amazing, while cooperplate the web site it looks rather pathetic.


Copperplate 33bc Free Font

He kept repeating that someone could make a fortune cppperplate a proper italics for Copperplate. Designed by Frederic Goudy in either ordepending on which source you choose, Copperplate Gothic occupies a strange niche in the typographic world: Copperplate Classic Round Swashes.

But props to Armin for finding some more palatable solutions though. Copperplate Classic Sans Light.

Copperplate Gothic 33 BC premium font buy and download

I’m glad that I hadn’t really caught Thompsonmania anyway and thus don’t have to feel conflicted about coppeprlate use thereof. To mix stripes and plaids? Through it all, I have always made time to explore typefaces and see if I can tame them. I’ll echo John Foust’s initial comment about this looking fabulous in letterpress, but sadly can’t provide any images. Sorry for the revisit I had to just confirm John Foust’s comment.

To wear shorts with a trench and scarf? It’s about time he did something fresh If you can squeeze something good out of Akzidenz Grotesk, then Helvetica shouldn’t be too hard to grasp.

Copperplate Classic Light Round. Copperplate Deco Sans Light.

Copperplate Gothic 33 BC premium font buy and download

I am actually quite fond of the Seabiscuit and Ratatouille work. A similar sans serif typeface, ITC Blairfeatures a similar cast of characters. Copperplate needs to be used properly as does any typeface and it can be beautiful, strong, and solid.


Copperplate Gothic Std BC. Are they all mixed up? Copperplate Classic Plain Swashes. Fony revamped Rembrandt identity pretty much fueled this post and rekindled my hope that Copperplate Gothic could look simply amazing. Copperplate Classic Sans Plus.

copperplate 33bc font

I’ve vont loved Copperplate and being “gothic” doesn’t always mean sans serif it was always Copperplate 33BC and such – but I’d have to say you lost me when you said “my favored Cooper Black, that somehow manages to look great under any typographic circumstance. Characteristics that on their own, and in other typefaces, render pleasant forms become an odd Frankenstein in Copperplate Gothic.

copperplate 33bc font

Copperplate Gothic Bold Condensed. Copperplate Deco Medium Sans. My thoughts are, if Milton Glaser couldn’t make it look good, what am I fot to do with it?