Simultaneous options are no longer changeable on the checkout page. If you want to get a more detailed information about the way Store Import works, feel free to watch our CS-Cart Insider video. The store import tool would be a great thing … if it worked. The testing period ends December, 7th. I aslso hope it works fine with 4.

cs-cart 4.0.2

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cs-cart 4.0.2

Credit card fields were required on the order update page. Posted 18 4.0.2 – Take your CS-Cart store with you, anywhere: Active page was not selected in the text links menu if the page request parameters were empty.

CS-Cart 4.0.2: Store Import, CDN Support, and More

They’ve already given me the updated files that are going to be in 4. The Issuer field added to hold the data of the administrator which created an order via the admin panel.

Could you please advise on what to try next? If a product was displayed in a block, the rating link could lead to the review and rating page of a wrong product. Marketing Web Push Notifications. An error occured when a page was fetched by the Google bot.


Note Technically, Store Import can be used to do jump between patch and minor versions for example, from 4. Blocks could duplicate when a new storefront was added. Posted 06 October – The Search button was missing in the admin panel if a vendor admin was logged in.

When it will be next release?

CS-Cart 4.0.3: Fixes, Improvements, & Minor Features

Filter results are now URL-defined and can be referred to with browser back and forward actions. On vendor creation, the new vendor e-mail was used as the From field value. The Store Import failing to work may depend on different circumstances. There are some exceptions:. The My account drop-down menu link style 4.2 incorrect. Active page was not selected in the text links menu if the SEO addon was active.

The add-on automatically counts the number of product likes and shows under t Products named in Cyrillic letters were displayed in URL encoding in the payment admin area. xs-cart

You might want to check the status of your subscription or wait a little longer for an upgrade to show up. An error occured on adding statistics data if browser version was empty.

cs-cart 4.0.2

All languages were available in the Customer area, even the ones not added to the localization. Fixed; the library was updated to version 5. Product tabs statuses were cs-dart copied on cloning. An add-on that allows you to manage your store from mobile devices was added. You can use the Store Import add-on if you own a license with an active upgrade subscription.


Version History — CS-Cart x documentation

Name of the country South Korea was changed by the service. Ability to upload files from server was not available in simple mode. Technically, Store Import can be used to do jump between patch and minor versions for example, from 4. Image ratio could be incorrect if the Image zoom addon was used and only one thumbnail dimension was specified.

Product Image Effects Adds beautiful effects to images in the list of products and other options for their display. Want to report a bug in our software? I aslso hope it works fine with 4.