Making these selections with Ctrl key down, selects only shapes. New free-hand capture method, to draw any outline on the screen and capture only what’s inside. Big enhancements to HyperSnap drawing editor – all shapes drawn are now kept as separate objects. Many users had trouble finding the Highlight and Arc functions, hidden under “More shapes” button on the Edit tab of the ribbon and on the drawing toolbar. For normal drawing, keep it at maximum right. Modified “Display pixel size of the blinking rectangle during Window capture” option – it is turned off by default now. Multi-document tabbed user interface, lets you snap and open as many images at once in one HyperSnap-DX frame window, and easily switch between them with tabs at the bottom of the frame window.

hypersnap dx4

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Normally restoring these options in other than dx44 default state could confuse beginner users of HyperSnap-DX, so we use this command line argument to prevent this confusion. Split button added to Image ribbon tab, to split images horizontally, vertically or 4-ways.

When zoom mode was set to “Auto”, clicking on the magnifying glass in yypersnap interface up right did nothing When adding text, it was not possible to start dragging text outline rectangle over an object drawn before, unless these object were “imprinted” on the underlying image. Some users were confused and thought they can no longer resize text items created, this should make it much easier. Dec 21, Posts: Fix – with some particular program configuration ver.


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The default “View and Shape Hyeprsnap mode fix: Support for opacity alpha channel – any part of an hypesnap can be made completely or partially transparent. Drawing, area selection and cropping operations will now scroll the image, if it’s too big to fit into HS-DX window, and you go out with the mouse cursor with mouse button pressed.

Makes automating some tasks easier and more consistent. Fixed a problem with program crashing when using the highlight tool for a longer time.

hypersnap dx4

Fixed – “invert blue and white” for color bitmaps did not hyperssnap correctly, for example – copy and paste it to MS-Word, the image was still without the inversion. The list of most recently used files under “File” menu is cleared automatically from files that no longer exist upon program startup. Print Preview on File menu. Fixed thumbnail reordering with drag-drop, previously displayed an error if the “image tabs” at the bottom were hidden.

When the whole image is selected, drag and drop may be started by pressing Shift key plus left mouse button for “move” operation or Ctrl key plus left mouse button for yypersnap operation. You can switch between modern “ribbon” interface shown on the image above, or tranditional menu and toolbars. Many more small improvements. New option on Capture Settings – Capture tab: Dec 28, Posts: New “Office XP” style toggle option added to “Options” menu.

Hyperwnap select and move it – cannot select another area close to it before first imprinting the previous one. New options for Multi-Region Capture added, allow tiling the captured fragments horizontally or vertically, in addition to the default option of preserving the original relative screen positions.


New Enhancements For a detailed list of enhancements in each new version hypdrsnap Change Log.

Improved blurry text in callouts when background color is totally opaque Alpha Fix for the blurry text in callout shapes – this time it works If no new shapes are added, instead an area of the underlying image is selected and can be moved, scaled, rotated, or deleted to clear that area to the current background color. Fix for game capture – previously would sometimes snap double yypersnap from some games, when “special capture” hot key was pressed.

Many more smaller enhancements.

I recently understood the usefulness of Screen Capture: What Screen Capture utility do you use?

Then select “Image” in “Categories” box, search in Commands for “Custom color 1” etc. A message is displayed when this switch happens, the user may disable the message after becoming familiar with this feature.

hypersnap dx4

Some users were confused why tools like spray can, flood fill or eraser were disabled by default. Corrected command line processing for -snap: Small correction – text capture mode was activated when it was supposed to be disabled. Fixed – now will not restore HS-DX window after a cancelled capture. This could be used for example to easily remove an ad banner from a hhypersnap web page.