When running into problems please do use your amazing technical support troubleshooting skill when you cannot find a solution in this guide. I will also add to this over time should I run into other conundrums involving this device. However as a point to note, make sure that in the Terminal Service settings, the correct port is set up for each individual device for each terminal. Then take the Gateway for the Local Area Connection and put the ip in the browser to get to the router. If you can not find I could send to you. I have gleaned that I need several things to make this work:

ingenico i6550 opos driver

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This is almost everything I’ve learned with this device so far, and, as I keep adding to it, it could get cluttered. If you can not find I could send to you. POS does not recognize the eriver when running with standard User rights.

Do your due diligence and troubleshoot: Then we need to check the Line Display to make sure the device selected is You can’t display a form you haven’t yet loaded!

We want the signature to be displayed on the receipt that the customer is given.

ingenico i6550 opos driver

Bosna i Hercegovina – Hrvatski. I have gleaned that I need several things to make this work: Please let me know if you think additions or revisions need to be added to this document. Check on the Receipts tab in the Credit Card set up and make sure you at least have a printer set up for the Merchant copy. They work very well and intallation was ok, however I found 2 issues that I was hoping to get some help on. Have anyone else had this problem? After a few minor software upgrades I had all my programs running with no problem.


This is seen ingeniico the initialize screen of the Pin Pad, if it’s not initializing, check back through the settings as mentioned in this guide to troubleshoot, if all is well you should see something like i.

We know this device has been recognized by the router.

Ingenico i6550 – The Missing Article

Warning Serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly by using Registry Editor or by using another method.

Please also remember to do your own basic troubleshooting when things aren’t going as planned…. Is it turned on? Go step by step when loading in a form, Clear all the forms on the device first, then load the form in, then display it.

The i runs its own application on the machine, this application can vary depending drivver where the pin pad was bought from.

Did this solve your problem? Go to Local Resources and hit more when viewing Options. The device needs to be encrypted to handle Debit card sales, however credit sales should go through regardless of encryption.

Questions like this, always imagine you are there and what you would check when setting this device up. I read that real time capture is not supported for the i – is “real time capture” referring to displaying on the receipt? If on the off chance that the customer is using VPN like LogMeIn Hamachi, there is the chance that trying to get onto the customers router via the machine that has LogMeIn Hamachi enabled is going to give us the router page of the remote location.


If this is a Local IP number and you are sure this is displaying as an external number, this could be a router behind a router…. We had a local IP for the first router which had a gateway of If it works, log in as a regular user, it should work now, however you will only be able to configure the pin pad as admin.

Ingenico i OPOS Driver download | Sharp pos terminal up-v series manual

Now for the fun part. If you find a customer is complaining they have missing signatures, more than likely they have had Legal as their set up in the past, or still do. See related articles to this posting.

ingenico i6550 opos driver

Do you happen to have the complete model? Note that signature capture needs to be set up for the document for it to display on the document, it won’t print the signature to the document if you signed for a card sale.