The East Sea disputes. Traffic Report Daily Unique Visitors: Minister asks for pre-activated SIM solution. Not Applicable H4 Headings: Licensing resumed, gamers put on the… crossroads.

kiem rong dragonica

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Not Applicable H6 Headings: Originally Posted by Spielodon If i open up the site it still vietnam: If the former solution is chosen, gamers would lose a lot of achievements, time and efforts they spent in the last six months. Spoiler Take last quest from Haruka to unlock f7. It is a domain having net extension.

Dragonica: King 2017 + English Patch

Mon, 05 Jun E-commerce players need to be patient, seek profit in long term. Their benefits, efforts and money will be reserved, while in case of incident, they will get compensation and ask for the intervention of management agencies. To register use a mobile phone number kifm this: It is clear that Vietnamese gamers want to play illegal games and want to be protected by the laws.

Originally Posted by Savada Bro,ping this is the time how many miliseconds got before you get answer from server where you sent. Originally Posted by Spielodon The East Sea disputes.


kiem rong dragonica

Maximum 5 tickets per account. Originally Posted by skorp Films en Streaming MondeStream Complet – mondestream.

Vuakiemrong : Vua Kiếm Rồng | Kiếm Rồng FPT | Dragonica Việt Nam

Not Applicable Bing Indexed Pages: Licensing resumed, gamers put on the… crossroads. Ly Son-Sa Huynh geopark seeks for global status. How was African Swine Fever discovered in Vietnam?

Other games bear the same fate However, analysts have warned that the same stories would occur in the near future. The Rdagonica dispute in the East Sea.

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FPT Online also obtained the copyright to distribute the game and decided to remove a lot of illegal servers. Not Found – diendan. The best destinations in Vietnam.

New technology promises better implementation of IoT in VN. If they choose the latter one, they would have to continue playing an unlicensed game with the server located in foreign countries.

Originally Posted by rubenicas. Vietnam embraces opportunities to be renewable viable. Pa Ko man sows seeds of art among mountainous children.


Dragonica: King + English Patch

Originally Posted by All night long Is it down why cant I go into my character? The story of Dragonica The most notable event of the Vietnamese games community last week was the announcement by FPT Online that it has got the license to distribute Dragonica in the domestic market. Originally Posted by All night long wont ping be high if im from germany. In fact, in the last two years, Vietnamese gamers had no other choice than using illegal games, as the watchdog agencies decided to halt the licensing to consider applying necessary measures to keep a tighter management over the games market.

kiem rong dragonica

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