But I wish you could have like an in game community. This is a great game and I love it but I have a few complaints 1. I hope you enjoyed these tips: I miss my monsters already. Other than the story the game is amazing.

minomonsters 1.1.0 ipa

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minomonsters 1.1.0 ipa

Play with, care and feed your creatures to maximize happiness. But, other than that, An amazing experience.

minomonsters 1.1.0 ipa

They give you the option to buy an item that heals a single ailment, but using an item takes a whole turn Minimon Saga ying su 2, I love this game it’s amazing except that every time I play the water monsters game some bubbles get in the way or are under neath and I accidentally pop the wrong one so that’s a bad part and also on the dirt monster game on the 3rd level I go to tap the last fake dirt monster and it won’t let me so its impossible to beat that game and hey about all those monster berries there’s to many items that u have to buy with monster berries Can u plz change that cause getting monster coins is hard enough for me I spend them all to quickly.

Third, even the gmail to report bug is not correct.

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I loved this game. It’s just annoying considering that the music was pleasant to listen to. However, there are three major issues: Impossible to “buy” it again. Also when you play a mini game, some times it glitches and makes you loose.


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Not have to connect to Facebook and do it that way. I play this game a lot and would like to see some fixes.

Creatures are cool graphics are nice, music is good but glitchy, dialogue is horrendous but funny at times. Minomonstes this app, but What i DO mind is that the little ‘X’ button to close the add is very small especially on Ipod Touches.

Tap button once, restart app. The second round sometimes doesn’t show so it’s literally impossible to win.

minomonsters 1.1.0 ipa

However, this version needs to go the route of the android version, which still receives periodic updates to handle bugs. See apps data and optimize your own apps! Do you have what it takes to be an Evoking Master? I recently downloaded again only discover no new updates or quests have been made. U should really update the game so all the people who love this game can play it with there phone and not have to use an old iPhone or whatever.

Double Shot Call of Mini: I had one minor problem with this. Having genuine version will allow you to enter the shop and purchase. It’s very upsetting because when you work very hard to get good monsters and tons of coins, the last thing you want to hear is that you lost it all.


NY Times Nyan cat: Not everyone can spend real money on berries please change how high the cost these eggs are, it’s .11.0 easy to earn these berries or coins when we have to constantly buy things for the pets we do have! I played so often as a child and I remember being so excited to see my little monster buds, will this ever be updated to work? Sign Up for Free.

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People who want to buy monsters will make requests but as you pass a few levels all the requests will be for monsters that aren’t unlocked. Upgrade your SearchMan Solutions. My eggs are all gone you can’t make new eggs because u can’t see them.

This app is a lie and eventually you will pay real money to get more berries and that money will go to the company who made it. Please wait for this purchase to complete before attempting to purchase again.