This is connected with a competition running, whereby tweeting your playlists to Facebook could win you an N8. The video was posted across the company’s social media channels and on the official webpage, where visitors can also sign up to be notified when Moodagent is coming to their country. The earliest incarnation of the Moodagent music mobile app was named Playlist DJ, developed specifically for Nokia phones and unveiled at Nokia World The nearest I would get to playing something other than albums is selecting a genre and setting the music player to shuffle mode! An example of posting a playlist to Facebook from MoodAgent. Also, you can do away with generating a playlist based on your mood.

moodagent symbian

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Rediscover your music collection, create perfect playlists and explore great music recommendations. Moodagent is a company specialised in music data, with proprietary methods for recognising emotional and musical characteristics of individual music tracks. This is an interesting feature as it’s the only way you can see a representation of how MoodAgent rates a particular track.

Moodagent Symbian App – Download for free on PHONEKY

An example of posting a playlist to Facebook from MoodAgent. For example, there are two features in the Android version of MoodAgent that I’d like to see in its Symbian cousin. Review Summary There are currently no reviews for this app. When you first run MoodAgent, it takes moodatent while to catalogue all of the tracks on your phone, it then communicates this list up to the MoodAgent servers.


moodagent symbian

An international patent was granted for an automated sequential logic mechanism in[8] which would form the basis of the Moodagent playlisting technology developed in the following years. In July Moodagent released a short video teasing the coming of a new service under the tagline “Music Streaming Redefined”. moodagrnt

Moodagent 2.0.13

Well, this sort of thing is always going to have something of a subjective symbain. The Moodagent music recommendation service preloaded with Winamp was downloaded more than 80 million times. Those wish list items aside, I highly recommend MoodAgent. As you do this, MoodAgent will present you with a playlist of tracks that match the distribution of attributes you’ve set.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can set a limit on the number of tracks: There is a menu option to ssymbian the playlist, which gives a different set of tracks, for the same configuration of bars.

moodagent symbian

Using the second track in the first image to create the playlist in the second image. Be the first to review this app. However, MoodAgent moodaent pipe track data to Mobbler. Sounds too good to be true, so read on to see how well it works in practice and what else is on offer.

Moodagent for Symbian S40 devices

Sensual, Tender, Happy, Angry, Tempo. I feel that the Symbian version of MoodAgent has a little work to do symbin to have the amount of functionality I’d like to see. Going iTunes Playlists one better”.


Since Moodagent has focused on delivering music data services on a B2B basis. The earliest incarnation of the Moodagent music mobile app was named Playlist DJ, developed specifically for Nokia phones and unveiled at Nokia World MoodAgent has a massive database of music in the cloudin which every track is scored on five attributes: A Farewell to Apps. MoodAgent has surprised me a few times with its choices, but I’d say I was surprised in a good way. In Symbian, we have Mobbler to scrobble our tracks.

You can even launch a series of online recommendations that resembles the musical and emotional characteristics of the playing track. Moodagent is the intelligent music player that creates perfect playlists from your local music library.

Moodagent for Symbian S40 devices

This page moodageht last edited on 17 Septemberat Symbiwn been using MoodAgent in both its Symbian and Android versionsand it has never thrown up a track that felt out of place.

It has always just been something I’ve aspired to work on sometimebut never found the time. Also, the Android version of MoodAgent has a home screen widget, this is something else I’d like to see on the Symbian version. You can also lock tracks into the playlist.