Obsolescence Deluxe Edition by Abysmal Dawn. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. From its very beginnings in , the German progressive death metal band OBSCURA named after Gorguts’ inimitable full- length has demonstrated an uncanny ability for blending different forms of technical, cerebral metal into a coherent synthesis of death, thrash and black metal merged with progressive elements. I actually have not listened to their followup release Omnivium yet, but after spending a healthy amount of time with this album, I’m looking forward to hearing what else the band has to offer barring their first album that thanks to lukewarm reviews I avoided. The musicianship is flawless, as is the sound. Although they are from Germany, Obscura takes most of their influence from American death metal bands, not least the legendary Death, as well as Cynic.

obscura incarnated mp3

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What sets this apart from most of the competition is the balance between showmanship and composition. The return of V. Otherwise, vocally you have your mid- ranged growled delivery and the more guttural monster vocals trading off lyrics, mixed well within a tight concise production. Gorguts – Obscura First Press. Gorguts – Obscura CD Overall, I’m very pleased with this new effort by the band.

obscura incarnated mp3

The ‘mysteries of the universe’ subject matter seems to mesh well with this shiny form of tech death, and so far Cosmogenesis is almost like a blueprint as to why it works. As a result, many of these songs linger and resonate after listening, particularly the proggish, slow and creative instrumental “Orbital Elements”, the ferocious “Centric Flow” that segues into a memorable majestic epilogue, and “Incarcerated” with its blatantly catchy opening riff. The musicianship is flawless, as infarnated the sound.

Lyricwise it still revolves around the same cosmic themes, already present in the previous albums. There seems to be something going on constantly and the band are rarely prepared to ease back and let something playout for a bit. Results cached 6h Items ordered by ending time Showing only Show all items on eBay.


Obscura Incarnated 2009 mp3 indir

Some could be put off by the production values emphasizing clarity over heaviness, but with this band and its running science fiction themes the mixing is beneficial and a much better option than muddying up stuff for the sake of a brutal sound, especially since I’m down with the interplay between the guitars and the bass, which would be lost in a heavy mix.

As “Clandestine Stars” abruptly begins DILUVIUM, it’s clear that OBSCURA aren’t wimping out as they mature but rather place their wisdom in better musical constructs rather than less intensity however this album isn’t afraid to experiment or continue bold and daring bouts into the progressive metal world in the least.

If you like Obscura, you may also like:. Vincenzo A Sublime expressed through death metal music. All instruments are moving often at great speeds and sometimes in seemingly disparate directions except that you understand that the music is actually quite coherent and the instruments intelligently integrated.

Although this very polished, blistering style of music has rarely piqued my interest, Obscura justifies their technical display by putting intelligence into the songwriting, and makes for one of the style’s stronger experiences. Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends.

This isn’t a incarnatde album, far from it, but it is not for me. Relapse Sampler by Relapse Sampler. Cosmogenesis, on the other hand, tosses out all kinds of catchy riffs to blend in with the wankery and even reutilizes them within a tune to nicarnated form songs with a memorable structure and sound foundation.

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Of course, that means that I soon have issues with the rest of the album, with the touches, nuances and sojourns into different styles becoming something of distraction. May the slimy goddess be with you!


obscura incarnated mp3

Obscura – Diluvium Picture Disc Obscira. Choir of Spirits Obscura are a band that has stood out from the crowded genre of technical death metal.

Regardless, Obscura obviously have technical chops beyond most in metal, but what makes them stand out is their intelligence and complex composition. Getting used to the vocals was my only issue, in fact only the guttural ones took time to deal with as the more mid-ranged growls were excellent in regards to how they fit within the maelstrom of frenzied instrumentation.

I admit to having a certain fondness and admiration for technical bands like Decrepit Birth, Augury, and now Obscura too, but there is that challenge to make sense out of the music of each track and, for that matter, to learn to distinguish one song from another.

The production is very clear and that is something I appreciate for such complex and often speedy music. Or browse results titled:. It surely lives up to the standard set by the first records, though at times it could use some more variation with regards to the guitar riffs.

In the other end of the spectrum you have a track like the closing I know there are some metal fans who decry this album for its lack of “brutality” and prominent bass presence. There is even a bit of vocoder vocals on “Cosmogenesis” as if in salute to “Focus”.