Install the power supplies. Install an expansion slot cover by sliding it down to cover the opening if no PCIe replacement card is installed. Technician Maintenance Removing and Installing the Memory Dividers The memory dividers direct airflow from the front fans to the processors. Neither this manual, nor any of the material contained herein, may be reproduced without the express written consent of the manufacturer. This key scrolls through the values in the associated pick list without displaying the full list.

qssc-s4r bios

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Install the power supplies. The eight hot swap fan modules that are located at the upper front of the chassis can be removed from the chassis when the chassis cover is removed See Figure 8.

qssc-s4r bios

AC input power connector 4 bays, from right to left: If enabled, loads the embedded option ROM for This option is grayed out and the on-board network controllers. Installing the Cable Management Arm to the Extension Removing the Cable Management Arm Extension Each bit position represents a core to be enabled in each processor package. For security reasons, the null user user 1 may not be used to access the web server.


Removing a memory riser Installing a Memory Riser Warning When adding new memory, obey the memory population rules. When a single processor is installed, it must be installed into CPU Socket 1. These components are described in the following sections. Use only the described, regulated components specified in this guide. If a fan in the assembly has failed, the amber LED on the fan model lights up.

qssc-s4r bios

Removing the Memory Dividers Discard used batteries according to manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure the levers close securely.

qssc-s4r bios

If enabled, this continually retries non- EFIbased boot options without waiting for user input. Removing the Hot-Swap Fan Modules 1.

VMware Compatibility Guide – System Search

However, serious errors cause the system to display the Error Manager screen instead of the Main screen. Installing the memory rug 6. Install all memory dividers and memory risers 7. Clearing the Administrator password also clears the user password. Hot adding a memory riser Non-recoverable temperature threshold asserted.

ACPI / IPMI: Fix atomic context requirement of ipmi_msg_handler() [Linux 3.2.52]

If necessary, remove the expansion slot cover in the slot you are using by sliding it up from inside the chassis. Before working with your server product, whether you are using this guide or any other resource as a reference, pay close attention to the safety instructions. Equipment building installation shall provide means qssc-s4e connection to protective earth.


System Description System Rear Figure 5 shows the rear view of the system. Removing and Installing the Memory Rug The memory rug directs the air from the front fans over the mainboard to the processors.

Remove all installed processors. The plus key on the keypad is used to change the value of the current menu item to the next value.

Slide the inner rails back into the slide rails for storage. Each value field contains configurable parameters. The pop-up menu simply lists all of the bootable devices from which the system can be booted, and allows a manual qqssc-s4r of the desired boot device. Secure the rack rails in place on the rack mounting system.