This will provide valuable information for troubleshooting user problems. Added resize and scrolling support for the windows. Added new list splitting tool replaces genre tool. So this takes a while. Exclude is now known as Ignored, Custom is know known as Favorites. Adding in columns for artwork, save state support, pixel width, height, palette size, and display type Added watermark when XML file is generated Adding checking to ensure source file and output file are not the same Added confirm close dialog when exiting Changes from 3.


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Zip file now contains pre-downloaded HyperLists source lists. Updated July 2, When renaming files in custom path, rom2xmp have an option to autocopy renamed files to proper directory.


Built-in auditor while customizing your list. More info in http: The best match for it. Switch back to XML using the same button. Run it rom2xmo, pointing it to the other folder. Releases with higher “spelling errors” will also be shown after this list is displayed, so you will get a chance to match even higher spelling errors. Only show the list of games that do NOT match the given search string.

I have tried a lot of the other systems out there and I am not sure about you guys but I personally don’t feel safe using bulk renamers as they tend to do more harm than good, and promote an all around sense rom2xm laziness.

HyperT00ls – Audit Tools – HyperSpin Forum

So, I rebuilt an application that I orignally programmed back in that help me setup my HyperSpin setup consisting of over 92 seperate systems HyperMatch allows you to audit your systems individually to find missing ROM files as they pertain to the HyperSpin databasesit then allows you to run a fuzzy match on the missing file, and then you can either remove the missing game from you HyperSpin database, rename a file or disregard it all together.


Sign In Sign Up. This way you can have just the MAME parents in your front end, and the launch menu will allow you to select the clones of that game. I’m looking into it, will fix if I can, but I’m honestly shocked there would still be a need for this for anybody.

ROM/Database/Renaming tools

Refactored API to be more accommodating for 3. Click Start to go on. Note that when a game was matched by CRC only that game will appear in the list since we can be certain we have the right game and therefore don’t need to do the fuzzy name dom2xml.

Anyway Better to be sure all people get the message In the current RocketLauncher version the Launch Menu don’t work with the files produced by this app, the RL team is aware of this and will fix the problem.

In other words, if you are matching a romxml or similar with Disk 1, Side etc Commodore 64 for exampleleave this checked.

ROM/Database/Renaming tools – HyperSpin Forum

Submitted March 12, It will now only copy the files that do not already exist, no matter the extension. It will not overwrite or even do the comparison IF you already rom2ml the media file rom2dml that rom in your destination directory.


This games listed in the drop-down are ordered by how close the names match. Added resize and scrolling support for the windows. The more media files you have, the slower each rom takes. Do not expect a quick answer.


Basically, you set what you want to use for source names An XML file or a folder containing files. If you check this, any matches from “Source Files” will be moved into “Destination” instead of copied.

Lets give an example. Once all are done, it will also show you the ones that did not get a match, its best match and the number of spelling errors for it. When the copy is complete, it will show you the rest of the matches that it needs your help with.

No registered users viewing this page. It uses a slow but quite accurate fuzzy name matching method to find the correct rom for each ro2mxml.


You also have media movies perhaps but the names does not match the XML. Once you are happy with the mappings, click the “Rename” button to proceed. It will be added to a list that you’ll go through at the end and select the matches.