Just enter the web-site to read “How to play” guide. Originally Posted by LastThief you didn’t said that you’ve krall bhb coder. Originally Posted by LastThief. I’m reqruiting people to my own project. Because I don’t manage this project for getting profit. So yeah, let’s get started.

silkroad lsro

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silkroad lsro

At the moment there are only lithuanians in our team. So yeah, let’s get started. No corruption hard to believe nowadays.

silkroad lsro

If we will have more players, I will recruit some more players to my team as an assistant player supporterby now we have 7 members, and that’s enough. Originally Posted by dimkacool.

LSRO || cap 110 || 100x Exp rates || PVE server

What is ip and port? Page 1 of Originally Posted by LastThief.

Originally Posted by Biboja I’m not able to enter “ip. I’m reqruiting people to my own project. We are supporting all players, foreign players are not an exception.


Legion Silkroad Online Cap – Silkroad Online Private Servers Top list

Small things, like great community and lxro and understandable web-site. Perfect rates for normal play. I recommend you to post only if you want to be in our team, otherwise you will be reported. I do allow language changes and interface changes, but no hacks. Just enter the web-site to read “How to play” guide. So we sell silk only to pay for our host, which costs pretty much. Also, please make sure silkrad you use different client, that there are no hacks Like GM Console, anti-invi.

Secondly, I don’t need any comments about my server. After capacity, probably second server will open. For more screenshots, check our Skype of GM’s: Players are forgetting things like Forgotten World, Quests, Uniques silkkroad lower lvls for exp not just for server messagesand other important functions.

It’s equal, isn’t it? We are trying to keep server without any botters, and media. Because I don’t manage this project for getting profit. It’s pretty easy to catch that kind of players, and if you want to bot, go to isro please. Originally Posted by I Use Glavie.


LSRO – How to Play!

The time now is I really want to ask you to not repeat same mistake, because project is going to be really serious now. We don’t see the reason, why we should have such high rates as for Diamond sro. Half of silkroad is useless there. We have set medium rates for our server, to keep server interesting See below.

How many players olnine? Originally Posted by cyka For lithuanians silk prices a little bit to expensive: So today I will present you my own project, my own server which was created long time ago, back in