Under the guise of a disciplined grandson who does his chores, Ma-E kicks off the first scene of the video tending to the grass. It was a long time ago. Rapper, Maggz, has officially segued to his new home and stable, Cashtime Entertainment. Yes he is, on this remix he revived his former rap persona Scatterbrain and murks it dead dead dead! Keeping it fresh on this hot hot day! Golden Shovel, a prolific rhyme spitter from the oh-so-sick clique Optical Ill delivers one of thee most dopest 8 bars ever put on wax.

sphum ft maggz

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He explained how he had problems because of court cases that he was being served with back then. Dear Mind of Magdalene, why you be so crazy? Want to see more posts tagged maggz? The latest version has updated on November 15, ROCK maggz maligie dance rocking out.

MB goes in crazy like an escaped lunatic and only word fit for his spotlight stealing verse is AWE! Notshi On this Lemonka mixtapee exclusive, Tuks brings fire with the opening two verses and Notshi seeing this, the kid brought brim stones!

sphum ft maggz

Steve Kekana Remix Master 02 01 by user http: Flow, vernacular punches he just went crazy with this one Number 7: Maggz Wheatgrass Columbus Ohio instrumental hip-hop. She is always there Lurking in the background Some worry she lurks in the foreground Maggz The beast The alpha Or so they deem her She is nothing to fear. Ma-E drops the slow paced lovable tune featuring Maggz.


DJ Dimplez

SMaggz f L-Tido underneath,…. Listen Maggz Listen to the Breaking…break. S, Maggz X L-Tido. Flex Boogie Mr Anderson holds down the first verse magnificently. Rapper, Maggz, has officially segued to magggz new home and stable, Cashtime Entertainment. What you get when you put a legendary DJ, two freestyle champs on one of the biggest hip hop shows?

He was asked in a recent interview on the Drive with Masechaba Ndlovu and Moflava.

Sphum ft. Maggz – I Lied – VIDEO |

Hip hop is growing, features are becoming imminent more than necessary thus everyone is bringing their A game for every 16 which in turn is a positive upward spike for the culture.

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Some of the songs below are not saying the other artists are weak rather the murderer just had deadlier artillery. Ma-E ft Maggz — Kanjalo. S, Maggz and L-Tido. O, revealed the biggest news in local hip hop right now. Magga all verses were on point, Flabba being his comical self but 7: KiD X Maggz Nveigh.


Tuks feat Notshi – Game Over part 2 Killer: Selwyn This was really a veterans track. This tracks mini-album is one solid contribution to the beatmaking world.

sphum ft maggz

Internationally songs have been compiled and now I bring you the SA version. Murdered on your own sh!

sphum ft maggz

On this Lemonka mixtapee exclusive, Aphum brings fire with the opening two verses and Notshi seeing this, the kid brought brim stones! Towdeemac literally stepped up and stomped the beat to rubble. Ladies and fellas, here is my top 15 murderers.

Why are you jaggz yourself cry at night the last few nights, why why why why? Ma-E has been promoting his new single Kanjalo for 2 weeks but the big day for him is finally here.