Download Territory Organise r. Apple eyes iPhone trade-in program in China cnet. An Initial New Congregation import begins a series of actions, ending with an entire set of Primary Congregation data ready for your use. Look at most relevant Tswin secretary websites out of Thousand at noifferbubbca. Also features “Repeat” mode. This version supports the current style Congregation Record Cards.

tswin secretary

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Otherwise put it into your chosen secure online storage JwContacts folder. Publishers can be sent reminders to turn in their time through email or push notifications.

Publisher Record Cards 3. Sign in with a Google account that has two-factor authentication turned on.

tswin secretary

Keep track of your students, their talk history, study points, setting history Schedule the assignments Print the assignment slips – just load the blank slips into your printer and click a button Print the schedule to post on the information board Print a handy worksheet for use during the school Plus many more features Print Publisher, Book Study, Census reports and much more!

Go to Theocratic Palm Software. If a member of your Body is already using either of these, you may wish to begin with an import from his data.


Congregation Secretary Program Tswin |

It will assist the elders to track everyone’s name, address, telephone number and email address. KHSit seems, covers all the same secretaryy areas as TsWin plus many more, especially those useful in preparing all Congregation schedules. Congregation Secretary Program Jehovah’s Witnesses. Download Three Hebrews Jigsaw. This version supports the current style Congregation Record Cards.

To make learning entertaining as well as challenging.

Hourglass – For a Congregation Secretary of Jehovah’s Witnesses

It is designed to play the Kingdom Midi files. Download Kingdom Hall Schedules.

sfcretary See detailed service reports and Regular Pioneer progress at any time. Download Territory Organise r. Download Theocratic Activity Software. Service Record allows you to track field service records for any day from onward. Put the Bible Books in order. Also features “Repeat” mode.

Territory Administrator Current languages are Spanish and English. It is the only one of these files TsWin also zecretary as an import, so it represents a basic backup for TsWin.

JwContacts User Guide

For instance, it does not include any Emergency Contact data. Current languages are Spanish and English. Information from Publisher Record Cards is stored electronically for easy access and updating.


This is a fun program for secretzry and old to see how you’re doing with service activities, study habits and meeting activities. You will also need English source material files for They are similar to the more common.

Tswin secretary download

Download Foxit Acrobat Reader. Organise your congregation territory with this program now available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Apple and Foxconn launch China iPhone trade-in program zdnet. Speakers Assignment Program This program is for scheduling public speakers assignments. Again, I am not trying to reinvent the wheel here. Theocratic Activity Software This is a fun program for young and old to see how secrefary doing with service activities, study habits and meeting activities.

tswin secretary