When we close the application we get an error message sorry. We use the ALT-D hotkey to activate the data window, tab to move to the ascii side and replace one by vij. The call is calling some code at which will check for the correct number. We do not get a sorry but a success message. We press f12 once to get out of the function GetDlgItemtextA. We load our program in w32dasm and find the words failed.


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W32dsmm we recompile the program and run again it shows us a one and a title of two. Although W32DASM is ancient since hasn’t received updates for a very long time it’s officially discontinuedit works without any trouble on Windows We find the words sorry again at code location Thus wedo not have to use a disassembler at all.

How To Crack A Program Using Hiew32 And W32DSM

It tells us that this program is unlicensed. Never write out the full command. This simply means that if the condition is we will jump to the code 48d8a6. We search for the text sorry and now come to a conditional jump that says that there are two points that lead w3d2sm this error message.

How To Crack A Program Using Hiew32 And W32DSM – video dailymotion

In this case as the variable is on the stack, no changes are made permanent and the next time we run we see one and not vij. We change the two bytes to 90 90 in hex workshop.


We then w32ds on File Save and then say no for the backup copy. Looking two lines up we see that we have reached here because there is a jump from line number 42f4d5.

Here we are stopped at the call. Ww32dsm hard and fast rules. It’s ideal for those interested in reverse engineering, who want to take code apart and find out how it works.

Use whatever version suits you. Throughout this tutorial we will show you how to crack actual code as well as crackmes that people put on the net.


We write this for the new key in the program and it works for name vijay. We are shown a message box with the words sorry. Now each time we load program a soft ice gets called. Before we press f10 we press ALT-R to activate the register window.

We get a good job done message box and this is how we can get at passwords. Assembly language asm is a low-level programming language that is still taught in some schools to show students how computers make the connection between the language and the machine code instructions of the architecture.


When we run the program the last printf displays the address of main which is We write d eax to display what eax is pointing to and this is our e32dsm that we typed vijay. The disk location is 2ed5. We then click on menu search and then find text.


Running the exe file gives us a message box and then a dialog box and we click on the third button serial. We should see none. We next double click on the line je and this location is now 97ced.


When we run this program it asks us for a serial number and then we click on Check. In our case the value of esi is the key we types, edx is d7. Finally in some form our program has to call function lstrcmp to do the final string comparisions. We once again move into softice. The instruction before is a compare and not a test. When we found it we knew that one register was storing our key esi and the other edx was storing the key calculated by the program.